The Website

We have now moved over the board and radio to new infrastructure, and upgraded the software of both. The opportunity has also been used to improve a few other important things.

The main & distinct changes:

  • improved performance of all things
  • patched reporting
  • patched CAPTCHAs
  • added webring-viewer link to header
  • re-added flags from 8ch/late/
  • improved spam mitigation
  • radio-specific:
    • patched backgrounds
    • added the header

There are also other development plans in the works:

  • homepage with more information
  • changing the iconset
  • IRC
  • more to come..

- m

Minecraft Server Update

Our Minecraft server is temporarily not available. This is primarily thanks to Mojang's awful account migration system fucking with accessibility. The Mojang to Microsoft migration absolutely reamed our login system, and we decided it best to just keep things down for right now while we fix it and make all of our other changes. It doesn't affect all of our users, but it is unreliable enough to be an absolute pain that needs fixing.

We plan to open it back up after structural changes are made to compliment the structural update that the website has received and to utilize the updates that minecraft has experienced in the years since the server was updated. This should also allow for the possible addition of more than the singular world previously available.

There are three notable issues being addressed. The first and foremost being the behemoth of addressing Mojang's corporate fuck-up of a poorly executed account migration scheme such that people can actually join the server even if they failed to pointlessly migrate their account (Thanks Mojang! Wow!), the second agonizing and arduous task being the updating and fixing and unraveling of compatibility issues related to the updating of all of the server's many plugins, and the third being the implementation of land claim systems to help mitigate griefing.

Hence, the server is down for now. When it is back up, I will notify you.

To the people who have emailed us: the world save is fine. We plan to bring it back after the server changes are made.

- Yawh

A small notice

Hello everyone.

I would like to ask our users to not shill on altchans, we don't allow any advertising of alternative communities that haven't emailed us for permission first. This in mind, please don't do it to other imageboards without their permission. It annoys their admins.

Also, I'm really glad we are done updating the board. I learned a few things along the way and it was fun at times, but it was a process where it always felt like whatever we were trying to do would be straightforward, but then actually ate up a huge chunk of time. Thanks m.


- Quilt